How to Top-up using @Cash MY/ @Cash MY 充值教学

1. Kindly go to the link:
1. 首先到这个链接:

2. Confirm your game server and character nickname for <War & Soul>.
2. 于《刃•无双》里确认您的服务器与角色昵称。

3. Select the "game server" and fill in your "character nickname", click "Submit".
3. 选择"服务器"然后输入您的"角色昵称",按"确定"。

4. Now you will see your Game ID and Character Name appear on top. And you may fill in your @Cash Serial Number and Password.
4. 现在您将看到您的Game ID和角色名字显示在格子上方。然后您需要输入您的@Cash序号及密码。

5. Once reload success you may login game and check and receive your Ruby!
(If the Ruby doesn't refresh, please try re-login the game)
5. 当成功充值后,红宝石将会发送到您的账号。)

Where to buy /哪里购买@cash?

YougouPay :